JBG SMITH Achieves Carbon Neutrality

October 26, 2021

rendering of diners at an outdoor cafe in National Landing

Committed to positively impacting the communities it serves, at every level, locally and globally, JBG SMITH has announced achievement of carbon neutrality across its entire 16.1 million square foot operating portfolio. Building on this accomplishment, the company plans to maintain carbon-neutral operations annually, allowing a reduction of its environmental footprint while also supporting the development of renewable energy technologies that prevent carbon from entering the atmosphere. Addressing the urgency of climate change and its effects, JBG SMITH is dedicated to the operation and development of green, smart, and healthy buildings. “The implementation of decarbonization strategies that addresses real, permanent business change and future innovation is critical to maintaining a carbon neutral portfolio,” said Kim Pexton, Vice President of Sustainability at JBG SMITH.


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