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Located just across the river from Washington, DC, National Landing is the capital region’s premier mixed-use urban community and the largest walkable downtown in Virginia.

Encompassing Crystal City, the eastern part of Pentagon City, and the northern portion of Potomac Yard, National Landing is defined by its dynamic blend of offices, apartments, restaurants, shops, parks, hotels, cultural venues, bike paths, walking trails, live events, and other amenities.

National Landing enjoys ready access to one of the nation’s deepest pools of young, highly-educated, and tech-savvy workers, an abundant supply of affordable office space, diverse housing options, and an unparalleled transportation network.

Businesses, residents, and workers will also benefit from billions of dollars in additional private and public investments, highlighted by the ongoing construction of a new headquarters for Amazon that will accommodate 25,000-37,850 workers and Virginia Tech’s forthcoming Innovation Campus.

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Illustrative CC2DCA Pedestrian Bridge

Where We Are

National Landing is easily reached from throughout DC and communities in Virginia and Maryland. Mass transit options abound, with access to Metro, commuter rail (VRE), and several bus routes, as well as an extensive roadway network. For more active alternatives, National Landing offers dedicated bike lanes and multiple walking trails. Reagan National Airport is literally a short stroll away, offering direct connections to nearly 100 cities. A range of ongoing investments will produce an even more modern and interconnected transit network in the coming years.

Map of National Landing in context of the greater Washington, DC area

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Illustrative Metro Market Square
Illustrative Metropolitan Park

What We Are

National Landing is highlighted by new developments, thoughtful repositioning projects, and strategic placemaking efforts, which combine to form a premier urban center. In addition to its projects in partnership with Amazon and Virginia Tech, JBG SMITH owns 6.2 million square feet of existing office space, 4,439 existing and under construction multifamily units, and controls 7.5 million square feet of additional development density, which we are actively entitling and designing. To learn more about the area and its plans for the future, visit nationallanding.org and read the Washingtonian’s Neighborhood Guide.


SF of retail space


multifamily units


SF of office space


public parks and open space

JBG SMITH logo artwork on a door

Who We Are

As a company born, bred, and exclusively operating in the DC region, JBG SMITH consistently produces the type of forward-thinking projects that have helped transform and enrich neighborhoods throughout the Capital, including Ballpark, Shaw and Union Market.

We are utilizing this same approach, which combines enlightened placemaking and authentic architecture, throughout our National Landing portfolio.

By collaborating with our partners in government, local business, and civic associations, we are creating a model for 21st century urban neighborhoods. With incredible places to live and work, along with world-class transportation options, lively streetscapes, and an abundance of inviting parks and open spaces, we are making National Landing a great place to call your home, establish your business, or for an exciting visit.

Illustrative Water Park at Dusk

Placemaking: Building A Heart With 20/20 Vision

Inspired placemaking is in JBG SMITH’s DNA and at the core of everything we do. With a keen design focus on the 20 feet of sidewalk and 20 feet of street façade that envelopes people and defines the place, we are creating a sustainable, accessible, inclusive neighborhood for residents, professionals and visitors that is seamlessly connected, revolutionizing the way people live, work, learn and play.

National Landing redefines what a neighborhood can be, offering a vibrant community that’s  Home to More – for tech-forward businesses of all sizes and a diverse array of residents – designed for a new generation to thrive and grow well into the future.


Culinary & Entertainment

A true dining destination offering both home-grown favorites and world-renowned cuisine.


Architecture & Design

A neighborhood designed with intention, where each detail has been thoughtfully considered.


Technology & Innovation

Both high-tech and human, National Landing is build on innovation from the ground up.


Culinary & Entertainment

A true dining destination offering both home-grown favorites and world-renowned cuisine.


Architecture & Design

A neighborhood designed with intention, where each detail has been thoughtfully considered.


Technology & Innovation

Both high-tech and human, National Landing is build on innovation from the ground up.

Illustrative Dining in the Park
Icon of a dramatic mask and paint pallete

Arts & Culture

A thriving community where residents and visitors can discover cultural experiences together.

Parks & Green Space

With an abundant network of green spaces and enriching parks, nature is always within reach.

Smart City & Digital Infrastructure

JBG SMITH is leveraging its large footprint in National Landing to create the United States’ first 5G smart city at scale. We are working with world-class partners to deploy cutting-edge Digital Infrastructure – including fiber, edge data centers, high capacity compute, ubiquitous 5G and Wi-Fi, and private networks – that will deliver seamless connectivity and fuel innovation and new business models in Industry 4.0.

Purpose built converged Digital Infrastructure will unlock Industry 4.0 innovation

“I am excited to see National Landing emerge as our first 5G community […]. This can be blueprint for how digital infrastructure is deployed, and I am heartened by the prospects of the innovation this may unlock to advance our country’s competitiveness globally.”

– U.S. Senator Mark Warner (D-VA)

Innovation Powered by National Landing

National Landing will create a canvas for Smart City innovation, powering the technology of the future, including the next generation of artificial intelligence, internet of things (IoT), augmented and virtual reality, autonomy, cloud and edge computing and cybersecurity. This advanced connectivity will usher in Industry 4.0, giving companies, entrepreneurs and universities the platform to innovate locally and scale globally.

“The physical location and the digital capabilities that are enabled in this environment are probably 15 years ahead of anything else that we’re seeing”

– John Walsh, Accenture’s Chief Sales Officer

Wireless public broadband (5G) and private cellular (CBRS) networks

Ubiquitous indoor/outdoor enterprise-grade wireless connectivity

Municipal & public safety sensors to manage street & pedestrian traffic

Augmented and virtual reality via mobile devices & wearables

Seamless, touchless retail experiences across the neighborhood

Autonomous vehicles on streets and deliveries via AI-enabled robotics securely connected to network infrastructure


Real estate is central to urban development. It consumes physical resources and is a significant source of operational and embodied carbon emissions. Equally, it is central to the goal of creating an environmentally sustainable, resilient, and socially inclusive future. This is what it means to truly pursue sustainable development.

JBG SMITH is dedicated to producing a positive impact on our local community and far beyond. We are committed to achieving high standards for sustainability, air quality, and energy conservation in each of our projects. We also support a cleaner and healthier environment by embracing transit-oriented development, walkability, and alternative modes of transportation.



Walk Score

Pedestrian friendly with convenient amenities


Transit Score

Seamless access to DC region via rail and bus


Bike Score

Miles of dedicated bike lanes and trails

Our Real Estate

As National Landing’s leading owner, manager, and developer, JBG SMITH is focused on creating authentic community-oriented developments that enhance the fabric of the neighborhood. Our National Landing portfolio spans 6.2 million square feet of existing office space, 4,439 existing and under construction multifamily units, and 7.5 million square feet of developable land. We also serve as Amazon’s development partner for its 4.1 million square foot campus.

Retail Properties

At National Landing, you are never more than two minutes away from an eclectic mix of shops, restaurants, and bars. JBG SMITH recently delivered more than 100,000 square feet of brand new retail, entertainment and shopping anchored by Amazon Fresh and Alamo Drafthouse Cinema along Crystal Drive. The Water Park is also being reimagined to feature nearly 5,000 square feet of various food and beverage options, highlighting local, women and minority owned operators, as well as a newly designed waterfall and interactive water fountain.

Multifamily Properties

With luxury apartments, condos, townhouses, and single-family homes, National Landing, and the surrounding neighborhoods, offers a diverse selection of housing options that meet a broad range of lifestyles and budgets. At 1900 Crystal Drive, JBG SMITH is developing 808 rental units across two high-rise, architecturally unique mixed-use buildings. And just down the street, 2000 and 2001 South Bell will bring another 775 rental units across two distinctly designed high-rise towers.

Office Properties

National Landing has long been home to Fortune 500 companies, national nonprofits, and federal agencies. With major commitments from both Amazon and Virginia Tech, National Landing has firmly established itself as an international hub of innovation and technology.


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